Node.js Deployment to the Cloud

Simple and scalable with your free Azure account.

Azure CLI

Configuration as code using the Azure CLI.

Use the open source, cross platform Azure CLI to create and deploy Websites, MongoDB databases, serverless Functions, VMs, and more, all from your favorite terminal.

Azure App Service Web App

Linux or Windows based web apps that scale.

Leave the infrastructure, scaling and availability up to Azure App Services while you focus on building your app with support for containers, staging, rollback, and testing-in-production.

Azure DocumentDB

Global scale NoSQL databases, zero code changes.

Let Azure DocumentDB host your MongoDB database in the cloud and enjoy a 99.99% SLA on consistency, latency, throughput, and availability, all without changing a single line of code.

Continuous Deployment in one command

Complete DevOps in a single command.

With one command, set up continuous integration and deployment from your local or cloud hosted repository, giving you the confidence to check in early and often.

Node.js Deployment with VS Code and Azure

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