Introductory Videos for C++

Get started with C++ in Visual Studio Code by watching these introductory videos! These videos are designed to help you set up C++ IntelliSense and build and debug C++ projects in VS Code. After watching these quick tutorials, you'll be able to enjoy VS Code's rich C++ feature set.

Getting started with C++ in 5 minutes

This video shows you how to install the C/C++ extension and a C++ compiler. You then learn how to run and debug your code by using the run or debug play button.

Configure C++ IntelliSense

This video walks you through the steps to configure C++ IntelliSense for your project.

Build a C++ project

Learn how to build C++ projects in VS Code by customizing your C++ build tasks.

Debug a C++ project

This video shows you how to customize debug configurations for your C++ project and start a C++ debugging session in VS Code.

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