Testing Java with Visual Studio Code

Testing Java in Visual Studio Code is enabled by the Java Test Runner extension. It's a lightweight extension to run and debug Java test cases. The extension supports the following test frameworks:

  • JUnit 4 (v4.8.0+)
  • JUnit 5 (v5.1.0+)
  • TestNG (v6.8.0+)

The Java Test Runner works with the Language Support for Java by Red Hat and Debugger for Java extensions to provide the following features:

  • Run test cases
  • Debug test cases
  • View test report
  • View tests in Test Explorer

Here's a brief session with TestNG:

Test Explorer with TestNG

And with JUnit5:

Test Explorer with JUnit5

The JUnit 5 support also covers frequently used annotations such as @DisplayName and @ParameterizedTest



Visit the GitHub repository of the Java Test Runner for more details on commands and settings.

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