Testing Java with Visual Studio Code

Testing Java in Visual Studio Code is enabled by the Java Test Runner extension. It's a lightweight extension to run and debug Java test cases. The extension supports the following test frameworks:

  • JUnit 4 (v4.8.0+)
  • JUnit 5 (v5.1.0+)
  • TestNG (v6.8.0+)

Note: More information about the test frameworks can be found at JUnit and TestNG.

The Java Test Runner works with the Language Support for Java by Red Hat and Debugger for Java extensions to provide the following features:

  • Run test cases
  • Debug test cases
  • View test report
  • View tests in Test Explorer

Once the test runner is activated, you will find Run|Debug on the CodeLens of your test functions. Click on the CodeLens to run the individual test case. You can also access and run a group of test cases from the Test Explorer. For more information on debugging test cases, see Debugging Java.

Here's a brief session with TestNG:

And with JUnit5:

The JUnit 5 support also covers frequently used annotations such as @DisplayName and @ParameterizedTest



Visit the GitHub repository of the Java Test Runner for more details on commands and settings.

You can also view the Test Report and navigate to source from there.

Next steps

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