Visual Studio Code - A Faster JavaScript Editor

Fast and free JavaScript editor and debugger that runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Node.js Debug

Console.log debugging is a thing of the past.

Launch or attach to your Node.js processes and debug JavaScript code right in the editor - with breakpoints, a full call stack, and an interactive debugging console.

JavaScript Intellisense

IntelliSense: JavaScript APIs at your fingertips.

Intelligent code completion on the JavaScript you write and the Node.js modules you install: function completion, parameter hints, and docs as you type.


Git commands built-in.

Working with Git and JavaScript has never been easier, with built-in features to review diffs, stage files, and make commits without leaving the editor. Push and pull from any hosted Git service.

JavaScript Code Navigation

Navigate JavaScript faster.

Sometimes global search isn't enough. Intelligent features like Go to Definition, Find All References, and Rename Symbol work alongside global search to help you quickly navigate and refactor your JavaScript codebase.

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