Quick Picks

Quick Picks are an easy way to perform actions and receive input from the user. This is helpful when selecting a configuration option, needing to filter content, or picking from a list of items.

Quick Pick

This made-up example shows all of the variations that a Quick Pick can contain. It can have items with icons, detail lines, and labels for indicating a default or current item. At the top, it shows the multi-step pattern with back, undo, and forward actions.

✔️ Do

  • Use icons for clear metaphors
  • Use the description for displaying the current items (if applicable)
  • Use the detail for providing (brief) additional context
  • Use the multi-step pattern for a series of inputs (like a wizard)
  • Provide an option to create a new item when picking from a list (if applicable)

❌ Don't

  • Repeat existing functionality
  • Use the same icon for multiple items
  • Use more than six icons in a list