Build 2017 Demo

May 10, 2017 Chris Dias, @chrisdias

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Visual Studio Code: Conquering the Cloud with an Editor and a CLI

Below are links to the samples, tools, and extensions demonstrated in the Build 2017 VS Code talk.




  • Angular Language Service provides a rich editing experience for Angular templates, both inline and external templates including completions lists, AOT diagnostic messages, quick info, and even Go To Definition.


  • Chrome Debugger lets you debug your JavaScript code running in the Google Chrome browser or other targets that support the Chrome Debugging Protocol.


  • TSLint integrates the tslint linter for the TypeScript language into VS Code.

  • ESLint integrates ESLint (a pluggable linting utility for JavaScript and JavaScript React (JSX) into VS Code.


  • MongoDB Extension PREVIEW This extension is in very early preview and leverages proposed APIs in VS Code which have not been released yet. As a result, this extension only runs on Insiders builds and you must enable it from the command line. To install:

    • Install the extension:
    code-insiders --install-extension vscode-mongodb-0.0.1.vsix
    • Load code-insiders enabling extensions that use a proposed API:
    code-insiders --enable-proposed-api ms-vscode.vscode-mongodb


  • The Docker Tools for VS Code make it easy to develop and deploy containerized micro-service based applications using Docker containers.

Azure Extensions

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