Extensions Roundup - Fun with Git

August 2, 2016 by Wade Anderson, @waderyan_

The first extension I built for Visual Studio Code was called Git Blame. It lets you quickly see which developer most recently modified the currently selected line ("blame"). It was simple and effective. Since the time when I built this extension, there have been many more awesome Git extensions added to the VS Code Marketplace. Here are some of my favorite.

Tip: Install any of these extensions by clicking the Extensions View button, typing the name of the extension in the Search box, and clicking Install. Learn more at Browse for extensions.


Marketplace - Annotator

Publisher - Ryuichi Inagaki

This extension takes "blame" information to the next level. You can see all the commit information in the gutter and it's clickable! When you click on the blame, you see the diff of that commit. The gutter color is darker for older commits and lighter for the most recent commits, which was a smooth way to create the UI. Truly an excellent extension and my personal favorite.

animation annotator

Git History

Marketplace - Git History

Publisher - Don Jayamanne

With this extension, you will find a very rich feature set for your Git workflow:

  • View history of a file or line.
  • Compare a previous copy of a file against the local workspace version.
  • View the changes to the active line.

animation of Git history

Share Code

Marketplace - Share Code

Publisher - Roland Greim

Ever wanted to send your code to Pastebin or a GitHub Gist? Open the file you want to share and share it with a couple commands in the Command Palette.

animation of share code

Open in GitHub

Marketplace - Open in GitHub

Publisher - ziyasal

One of the most popular extensions used by the VS Code team. This extension allows you to open the current line in GitHub.

open in GitHub extension

Git Project Manager

Marketplace - Git Project Manager

Publisher - Felipe Caputo

Do you have multiple Git projects that you want to open with VS Code? Install this extension and quickly switch between your projects.

Git project manager extension

Partial Diff

Marketplace - Partial Diff

Publisher - Ryuichi Inagaki

Ryuichi's second time on this list (he is busy)! This extension isn't Git specific but lets you diff selected text which I have found very useful while coding my projects.

partial diff extension animation


Marketplace - gitignore

Publisher - michelemelluso

This is the first of two gitignore extensions. With this gitignore extension, simply right click and add a file to your .gitignore configuration!

gitignore right click extension

gitignore #2

Marketplace - gitignore

Publisher - CodeZombie

The second gitignore extension (note that they are from different publishers) will pull in template .gitignore files. Are you coding in Python and want all the "usual" Python .gitignore configurations? Install this extension and run a simple command to pull down the .gitignore from github/gitignore.

gitignore template extension

Wade Anderson, VS Code Team Member