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The first official Visual Studio Code Event
January 27, 2021 – Online

VS Code Day 2021 is over, but you can watch all sessions on-demand.

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Erich Gamma

Erich Gamma, Technical Fellow at Microsoft

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Keynote by Erich Gamma: VS Code an Overnight Success… 10 years in the making

Brigit Murtaugh

Remote Development with Visual Studio Code
Brigit Murtaugh, Program Manager at Microsoft

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Come and learn how Visual Studio Code empowers developers to work remotely from anywhere. In this session, we'll demo how to use the VS Code Remote extensions to connect to remote environments and build and deploy applications using the same, familiar Visual Studio Code you already know locally.

Yohan Lasorsa

A clean dev env, working every time, everywhere
Yohan Lasorsa, Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft

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Did you ever dream of being able to perfectly isolate each of your projects' environment? And to be able to share it easily, to have nothing to do when a newcomer joins your project? It's now possible with the Visual Studio Code Remote Development extensions! Discover how it works with a live demo, all while keeping my current machine perfectly clean.

Chris Heilmann

Bringing Edge's DevTools to VS Code for debugging web apps
Chris Heilmann, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft

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When building web apps, developers know they need to switch between the editor and the browser to test their code, and that's a lot of context switches! What if you could use the DevTools from your Chromium-based Edge browser directly in VS Code?
In this session we’ll show you how we were able to bring the DevTools into the editor, and what we had to do to make this complex extension talk to editor and browser and stay accessible and easy to use at the same time.

Peter Mckee

Supercharge your Docker development with VS Code
Peter Mckee, Head of Developer Advocacy and Relations at Docker

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In this talk, we’ll take a look at streamlining your development workflow and reducing time-consuming context switches, by using Docker and VS Code. We’ll take a look at creating new projects, Dockerfiles and Compose files. We’ll also take a look at building, running and debugging your containers all within VS Code.

Claudia Regio

Notebooks in VS Code are getting revamped!
Claudia Regio, Program Manager at Microsoft

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We’ve revamped notebooks in VS Code! Come check out how the new notebook editor and complimentary features will improve your data science workflow.

Sana Ajani

VS Code 🔥 Tips and Tricks
Sana Ajani, Program Manager at Microsoft

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We'll go over some of our favorite and essential tips, as well as demo some of the newest features and advanced settings for you to customize VS Code to your liking. Whether you are just learning VS Code or are a long-time user, you'll be sure to leave with some new tricks and shortcuts to become more productive while coding.

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A climate-positive event

Digital events have an environmental impact too: VS Code Day 2021 is estimated to produce about 2.3 metric tons of CO2, including both the event's production and attendees streaming live and on-demand. We're partnering with Tradewater to fully offset the carbon emissions for VS Code Day and then more–becoming carbon negative!

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Tradewater is a mission-based company focused on the collection and destructions of the most potent greenhouse gases ever made to help prevent a climate crisis. Visit their website to understand your impact by calculating your carbon footprint and join the fight against climate crisis through the purchase of high impact offset credits.