Add another local file mount

Note: Mounting the local file system is not supported in GitHub Codespaces. See developing inside a container on a remote Docker host for information on mounting remote folders in this scenario.

You can add a volume bound to any local folder by using the following appropriate steps, based on what you reference in devcontainer.json:

  • Dockerfile or image: Add the following to the mounts property (VS Code 1.41+) in this same file:

    "mounts": [

    You can also reference local environment variables or the local path of the workspace. For example, this will bind mount ~ ($HOME) on macOS/Linux and the user's folder (%USERPROFILE%) on Windows and a sub-folder in the workspace to a different location:

    "mounts": [

Video: Add additional folders from your local machine to a dev container

  • Docker Compose: Update (or extend) your docker-compose.yml with the following for the appropriate service:

    version: '3'
          - /local/source/path/goes/here:/target/path/in/container/goes/here:cached
          - ~:/host-home-folder:cached
          - ./data-subfolder:/data:cached
         # ...

If you've already built the container and connected to it, run Dev Containers: Rebuild Container from the Command Palette (F1) to pick up the change. Otherwise run Dev Containers: Open Folder in Container... to connect to the container.