Making a code change

In this section, you will make a source code change and re-deploy the site so that you can see what your end-to-end deployment workflow will look like.

Make a change

Open App.js and change line 11 to the following:

<h1 className="App-title">Welcome to Azure!</h1>

Redeploy your app

Depending on which method you chose previously, redeploy your app to Azure Storage.

Manually with Storage Explorer - Run npm run build locally and then drag and drop the dist folder into the blob container in Azure Storage Explorer.

Azure CLI - Run npm run deploy to kick off your Azure CLI script (that we previously defined).

VSTS build/deploy pipeline - Commit your change and push to your Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) repository.

Test your app

Once your deployment is complete, revisit your storage endpoint (https://<storage-account-name><container-name>/) and you should see the following!

Import build

I'm done!