Publish Changes to your Application

In this step, you will make changes to your application, commit them to the local Git repository, and then redeploy your site by pushing to Azure.

Edit Your Application

Open the myExpressApp folder in Visual Studio Code.

Open VS Code

Open views/index.pug and change line 5 to say something fun such as 'VS Code Rocks!!' and then save the file (⌘S (Windows, Linux Ctrl+S)).

Edit pug file

Pro Tip: Turn on "AutoSave" from the File > AutoSave menu!

Commit Changes

Open the Source Control view (⌃⇧G (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Shift+G)), enter a commit message, and press Ctrl+Enter to commit the change (Cmd+Enter on macOS).

Commit Changes

Publish Changes to Website

Click on the Source Control overflow menu (...) and choose Publish.

Publish Menu

You will be prompted for a Remote to publish to, choose Azure.

Choose Azure

Your changes will then be deployed to the Website. Refresh your application and you should see the changes.

Published Changes

I can see my changes!