Deploy the image to Azure App Service

Now that you have your app image built and pushed to a registry, you can deploy to Azure App Service directly from the Docker extension explorer.

Deploy the image

Find the image under the Registries node in the DOCKER explorer, right click the :latest tag and choose Deploy Image to Azure App Service.

Deploy From the Explorer

From here follow the prompts. Set up a Resource Group in West US and App Service Plan. For this tutorial, use 'myResourceGroup' and 'myPlan' for the Resource Group and plan names then give your app a unique name.

Once created, your app is accessible via In this example, I called it myExpressApp4321.

Create and Deploy

A Resource Group is essentially a named collection of all our application's resources in Azure. For example, a Resource Group can contain a reference to a website, a database, and an Azure Function.

An App Service Plan defines the physical resources that will be used to host our website. In this walkthrough, we will use a Basic hosting plan on Linux infrastructure, which means the site will be hosted on a Linux machine alongside other websites. You can scale up and be the only site running on a machine later in the Azure portal.

Browse the website

The Output panel will open during deployment to indicate the status of the operation. Once completed, find the app that you just created in the AZURE APP SERVICE explorer, right-click, and choose Browse Website to open the site in your browser.

My site is on Azure