Deploy to Azure using App Service

This tutorial walks you through deploying a Node.js application to Azure using the Azure App Service extension. You'll be able to deploy to Azure on Linux in a matter of minutes from Visual Studio Code.


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You need Visual Studio Code installed along with Node.js and npm, the Node.js package manager.

Install the extension

The Azure App Service extension is used to create, manage, and deploy Linux Web Apps on the Azure PaaS.

Install the Azure App Service extension

Sign in

Once the extension is installed, log into your Azure account - in the Activity Bar, select the Azure logo to show the AZURE APP SERVICE explorer. Select Sign in to Azure... and follow the instructions.

sign in to Azure


If you see the error "Cannot find subscription with name [subscription ID]", this may be because you are behind a proxy and unable to reach the Azure API. Configure HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables with your proxy information in your terminal using export.

export HTTPS_PROXY=https://username:password@proxy:8080
export HTTP_PROXY=http://username:password@proxy:8080

If setting the environment variables doesn't correct the issue, contact us by selecting I ran into an issue below.

Prerequisite check

Before we continue, ensure that you have all the prerequisites installed and configured.

In VS Code, you should see your Azure email address in the Status Bar and your subscription in the AZURE APP SERVICE explorer.

I've installed the Azure Extension