Create your Node.js application

Next, create a simple Node.js application that can be deployed to the Cloud. This tutorial uses an application generator to quickly scaffold out the application from a terminal.

Tip: If you have already completed the Node.js tutorial, you can skip ahead to Deploy the Website.

Install the Express generator

Express is an extremely popular framework for building and running Node.js applications. You can scaffold (create) a new Express application using the Express Generator tool. The Express Generator is shipped as an npm module and installed by using the npm command-line tool npm.

$ npm install -g express-generator

The -g switch installs the Express Generator globally on your machine so you can run it from anywhere.

Scaffold a new application

Next, scaffold a new Express application called myExpressApp by running:

$ express myExpressApp --view pug --git

The --view pug --git parameters tell the generator to use the pug template engine (formerly known as jade) and to create a .gitignore file.

To install all of the application's dependencies, go to the new folder and run npm install.

$ cd myExpressApp
$ npm install

Run the application

Last, let's ensure that the application runs. From the terminal, start the application using the npm start command to start the server.

$ npm start

Now, open your browser and navigate to http://localhost:3000, where you should see something like this:

Running Express Application

Next, open your application folder in VS Code and get ready to deploy it to Azure.

$ code .

I created the Node.js application