Get the sample

To create a Docker container, we are going to clone a GitHub repository with a Node.js project.

git clone

Note: There are other remote container samples such as vscode-remote-try-python or vscode-remote-try-java, but this tutorial will use vscode-remote-try-node.

Open the repo in Visual Studio Code

Upon opening one of the sample projects listed above, you should see the following notification prompting you to reopen the workspace inside a dev container. Select Reopen in Container.

Dev container notification

Wait for the container to build

If this is your first time connecting, a Docker image will be downloaded, built, and starts a container with a copy of VS Code Server running. This might take a few minutes the first time, but future connections will only take seconds.

Building image


Once the container is running and you're connected, you should see your remote context change in the bottom left of the Status bar:

Building image

I've created the container