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April 5, 2016 by Wade Anderson, @waderyan_

This year's Build 2016 conference in San Francisco was very exciting and Visual Studio Code was happy to be a part of it. VS Code featured prominently as the editor of choice in many talks and demos and there were several presentations dedicated to VS Code.

Tips and Tricks

Don't miss this well attended session on Best of VS Code: Tips and Tricks. You'll start by learning the basics of VS Code and quickly become a power user through useful Tips and Tricks. The talk finishes with a working "To Do" list sample written in JavaScript, Node.js and React/JSX.

What's New in TypeScript

TypeScript architect Anders Hejlsberg's talk on What's New in TypeScript? used VS Code throughout his demos. This talk is also a great way to understand the TypeScript/JavaScript improvements in VS Code when we adopted the new TypeScript language service, codename "Salsa".

The Future of C#

There's a nice section on VS Code integration and C# debugging later in The Future of C# starting at minute 39 (but you'll want to watch the entire entertaining talk).

Node.js and Microsoft

As you'd expect from a talk called Node.js and Microsoft: A Love Story about Developer Tools, VS Code is going to be starring. Check out the sections on using nodemon to automatically reattach the VS Code Node.js debugger (minute 28) and the cool prototype of time travel debugging (minute 39).

Channel 9

Channel 9's coverage of //build/ 2016 is a great resource to learn more about VS Code and technologies like Cordova, Ionic, Angular, and React Native where VS Code is a good match for a high performance editor. Browse or search for your area of interest and we're sure you'll find a relevant presentation or panel discussion.

New Extensions

There were also several new VS Code extensions released at //build/:

Visit the VS Code Extensions Marketplace to learn more about these and other useful extensions.

Wade Anderson, VS Code Team Member